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Statistics: Competition: Body fat 3%, weight 210lbs, chest 50", arms 18", waist 31", legs 27" and calves 18"
Off season: Body fat 8%, weight 225lbs, chest 52", arms 18.5", waist 34", legs 28" and calves 18"


As a child I was always into sport. I played at county and club level in numerous different sports: gymnastics, athletics, football, rugby, table tennis and attended the School of Excellence for basketball. So mentally and physically the training ethos was embedded in me from a young age and it became some what autonomous. I was hoping to become a professional athlete, when this didn’t happen I carried on training in the gym and enjoyed developing my physique, until I was approached and asked if I did bodybuilding competitions. This sent me on a new route of bodybuilding and fitness. After I had finished university ironically my thirst of knowledge became greater which created a perfect environment of synergy between bodybuilding and science. Within bodybuilding there are a lot of myths and old wives tales, passed down information and views based on averages, assumptions and very few studies. This appeared very attractive to me because I could use my thirst for knowledge, my intuition and my hunger to train and be the best I can be by putting these things into practice.

Before my first contest a lot of my training, diet and pre contest routine was based on cliche bodybuilding concepts. This is where I placed second in NABBA South East 2006. I then decided to allow my intuition to take over and I used a different approach in preparing myself for competitions. Whilst training others I made sure I observed and absorbed everything I could. I then placed third in NABBA Novice Britain 2006. My confidence and trust in myself began to grow and I became happy to take it on my own back to filter out what I believed was myths and followed my own intuition and science. This is when I competed in Mr Titan 2007 and placed first in Body Fitness (where I combined my old sports kills in basketball and gymnastics to create a very imaginative, different routine), and first in Best Physique. I also received the 'Best Chest' and 'Best Abs' awards. I then took a leap of faith in my own ability and tried some completely new concepts with science being at the route of them mixed with what I have learnt about my own body and how it responds to training and nutrition. I went to the USA and competed in NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships 2008. I placed third in the heavyweights and again incorporated some of my old sports skills into the routine.

I now translated these new concepts and views into training others, from swimmers to rugby players to fellow bodybuilders. I have found that the philosophy I have taken on, although very contradictory to some of the principles of bodybuilding, allows for the flexibility of human genetics and does not box my clients or myself in.

Training philosophys:

If I have learned anything about the bodybuilding and fitness world, and the world of science, it is that both can learn something from each other, and both seem to be closed minded on each others views. Instead they should work to supplement each other and work in synergy to create better philosophies and principles of training, diet and overall health.

1.•We are all individuals; we all react differently to training stimulus, the environment and nutrition.

2.•Although we live in a modern world, surrounded by technology, our bodies are still designed to live from the land: eat, hunt, gather and sleep in a primitive environment.

3.•There is no such thing as over training or under training, just a lack of variety and adjustment to your training.

4.•Your own body knows best and will send out signals.

5.•The best training program ideally is to not have one, but have principles and allow your bodies signals to dictate.

6.•Nothing is written in stone.

7.•The way I train others and myself is based on the fact that I always start from scratch. There is not an average amount of calories, or amount of training someone should do, but instead I will base it on their past history and response to that and other stressors and allow that to dictate what would be best for them.

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