I’m a self-employed journo, personal trainer, group trainer and wellness coach looking to make a difference in people’s lives. I’m brutally honest and straight forward and tell (and write) about things as I see them.

My philosophy in life is that “shit happens” and it therefore always good either to have a contingency or a very good sense of humor.

My business venture is called “LeeWay” because we all have opinions and I enjoy voicing mine and then listening to other points, whether it’s argumentative or agreeable. I have a degree which did not help secure a high-paying job, yet it was a valuable life experience. I have various certifications in personal training, human resources, journalism and life skills. I have varied interests and tend to be indecisive at times. I’ve lectured for educational institutions and written articles for publications in my spare time while being a full-time employee of an international corporation. Through my career I’ve experienced the politics, admin and service nightmares. I’ve gained knowledge about dealing with clients and managing staff that has taught me how to tell somebody to go hell as well as to make them look forward to the trip.

My main goal is to create and manage a successful business and have positive feedback and referrals from clients. My focus is to learn more about the financial aspect of running a business, but I fear that my creative side will prefer the profile of a struggling artist and I will be doomed to be poor, yet well-dressed. My passions are exercise, writing and working with people –my goal is sensory overload.

Below is the mission of my personal training business and I can be contacted at 083 508 2257 or mail me at leewaytraining

Editing and proof reading – R120 per hour
Article and press release compilation – R150 per hour
Internet research and article compilation – R170 per hour

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