March 21          NUTRITION COMPANY Denver Open Championships, Infinity                             Park Ballroom, Denver, CO

April 11*            AXIS LABS Northern Colorado Championships, Green Center Bunker                           Auditorium, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

May 16               ELITE TAN Southern Colorado & Armed Forces Doherty High                                      Auditorium, Colorado Springs, CO. ANDY HAMAN Guest Posing!

May 30*             MAX MUSCLE Mile High Championships + IFBB ARMBRUST                                     PRO GYM Mile High Pro MEN’S & WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE                                           Championships,  Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

June 6                 Steel City BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, Pueblo, CO,                                  

June 27*             MID-USA/NM State BB/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships, Alb, NM

July 11*                TOKYO JOES Colorado State Championships, Buell Theater,                                           Denver, CO

Aug. 8*                 Jay Cutler Classic Championships, Cheyenne, WY

Aug. 28/29*       ARMBRUST PRO GYM Warrior Classic Championships, Embassy                                  Suites Hotel, Loveland, CO,

Sept. 3-5               Jim will compete in the North American Championships

Sept. 5                  Grand Junction Battle at the Border, Grand Junction High                                                 Auditorium, Grand Junction, CO

October 10*        SUPPLEMENT GIANT Natural Colorado Open Championships,                                    Colorado Heights University Theater, Denver, CO

October 17*        Phil Heath Championships FIG/BIK/MP/WP/BB, Cheyenne, WY

November 14*   MUSCLEPHARM Rocky Mountain FIT/FIG/BIK/MP/WP/BB                                     Championships, Green Center Bunker Auditorium, Golden, CO,                                       BRANCH WARREN Guest Posing!


If you are interested in having Jim Machak come out and present a one or two day seminar please e-mail him for details.


Jim is one of the best guest posers around and he always gives a great motivational speech at the end of his routine. Oftentimes he will guest pose as the "featured amateur" as an intro to the IFBB guest poser. He has surprisingly discounted, inexpensive rates. At 240+ pounds at 5'9" tall he is entertaining and has 10 minute routines! If you are interested in having Jim guest pose at your event e-mail him for details. Because of a hectic travel schedule please give at least a one month notice and check out the above appearance schedule. Thank you!
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